EMPIRE and EMPRESS Zoysia Programs Certified; More Producers Join

EMPIRE and EMPRESS Zoysia Programs Certified; More Producers Join

Sod Solutions’ two new warm season turf varieties, Empire® and Empress® Zoysia, have recently received certification from the Southern Seed Certification Association (SSCA) and the Georgia Crop Improvement Program (GCIP). The SSCA and GCIP are the official seed certifying agencies for Alabama, Florida and Georgia. Both strive to ensure that plant propagating materials of high quality are made available to the public.


Sod Solutions has worked closely with the SSCA and GCIP to obtain certification for both Empire and Empress. “We feel that certification is an important aspect of our Empire and Empress programs,” said Tobey Wagner, President of Sod Solutions, Inc. “Because Empire and Empress have such potential within the sports field and golf industries, it is necessary to provide a means by which our producers can establish industry accepted certification of genetic identity and purity. As a result, we’ve certified both zoysia programs.”


Empire and Empress Zoysias were discovered in Brazil and unlike other zoysia varieties have proven their ability to thrive in hot, humid conditions. Their superior dark green color, excellent drought tolerance and soft texture make them ideal for many commercial, residential and sports related applications. These selected native cultivars of Zoysia Japonica were chosen by Sod Solutions specifically for their capacity to reduce production costs through rhizomatous reproduction; natural chemical resistance to MSMA, 2-4-D and Fusilade; and rapid expansion rates. Since their introductions in January 1999, Sod Solutions’ Empire and Empress programs have seen exceptional growth. Over forty producers are now licensed into one or both of the programs. This group represents a subset of the finest turf grass producers in the southern United States and includes production facilities in California, Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.


Keep checking our web site for updated information on the Empire and Empress Zoysia programs.

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