EMPIRE Turf Commercial Debuts in Southeast

EMPIRE Turf Commercial Debuts in Southeast


The consumer-oriented campaign features EMPIRE Turf, an improved warm season zoysiagrass developed by Sod Solutions, Inc. The campaign is a “first” for the company and participating producers (sod farms). Sod Solutions and the producers licensed to grow its varieties have been marketing EMPIRE for several years throughout the U.S., both collaboratively and individually, but this is the first time that the company and its producers have jointly conducted a campaign of this scope.


The ad campaign, titled “EMPIRE: One Lawn, Many Benefits” runs through the end of this month, and includes outdoor advertising, Southern Living, three radio schedules, cable television, and a new Web site. The Web site will be active indefinitely.


Tom MacCubbin
Tom MacCubbin, Extension Agent Emeritus, appeared in the EMPIRE commercial


Another “first” was the creation of the commercial that is being aired within the EMPIRE cable TV schedule. Sod Solutions has a variety of marketing tools that it offers to licensed producers, from graphic design to media services, public relations and sales collateral; but the video is the first television ad tool it has created.


“This is a great example of the type of collaboration that resulted in the statewide EMPIRE campaign,” says Christian Broucqsault, Sod Solutions Vice President of Marketing. “We collaborated with producers on the costs, content and production of the commercial; and the result is a versatile video that could be used almost anywhere.”


A home site in The Country Club area of Lakewood Ranch, Florida was featured in the commercial. Lakewood Ranch is an 8,500 acre master-planned community encompassing residential and commercial development. The home site was selected after an extensive location search by Sod Solutions, with the assistance of SMR Farms of Bradenton.


Actors, equipment and production staff “took over” the Lakewood Ranch home site for the commercial taping.


“This home site was outstanding,” says Sis Reda, Director of Communications for Sod Solutions. “SMR Farms understood exactly what was needed. Obviously, we wanted to locate a home lawn that would look great on camera. This one looked great on and off camera; and it met our criteria in every way: size, configuration, the quality of the grass, and overall eye appeal.”


Gary Bradshaw and Mac Carraway of SMR Farms “scouted” several locations for the filming, including the one that was chosen. SMR is a leading agricultural entity in Florida, and supplies and installs turfgrasses for many homeowners, developers, contractors and others. SMR also produces more than 20 varieties of containerized and field-grown landscape trees, as well as cattle and citrus.


“I was confident that a site recommended by SMR Farms would be a viable one for photography, before I even saw it,” says Sis Reda, Sod Solutions Director of Communications. “SMR is one of the highest quality turfgrass producers that we work with,” referring to the national network of licensed producers that grow and sell Sod Solutions varieties. “The grass that SMR sends out is consistently in top condition. Fortunately, the homeowner had also maintained it since installation.”


View the EMPIRE commercial below. For more information about EMPIRE (anywhere in the U.S.) visit sodsolutionspro.com. For inquiries about Where to Buy in Florida, visit EmpireTurf.com.

For more information bout SMR Farms, visit smrfarms.com

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