EMPIRE Zoysia Turns Heads at Rhyne Select Turf Field Day

EMPIRE Zoysia Turns Heads at Rhyne Select Turf Field Day

Benton, AL – An improved warm season turfgrass was a focal point at the Rhyne Select Turf annual field day event in September in Benton, Alabama. EMPIRE® Zoysia drew the attention of event attendees, just as it is being noticed throughout the south.

A variety of professionals, including university faculty, landscape architects, landscape contractors, homebuilders, engineers, and turf wholesalers attended the field day. The annual event, which included information presentations, luncheon, and a dove shoot, provided close-up views of EMPIRE Zoysia.

Up close, EMPIRE features a very deep, dense root system. It is this strong root system that is responsible for one of EMPIRE’s more remarked – upon characteristics — drought tolerance. EMPIRE has excellent drought tolerance. It needs less water, fertilization and other maintenance than other turfgrasses. EMPIRE is a pleasing blue-green color with fine, tight blade growth, and a soft appearance and texture.

EMPIRE has been in use for several years on home lawns, large commercial and residential developments, and golf courses. This zoysiagrass is specified frequently by landscape architects and others who have received client feedback about EMPIRE’s performance.

EMPIRE’s reputation as a more efficient water-using turfgrass is creating discussion in the current climate where water use and conservation are hot topics in U.S. communities. But users also say they appreciate this turfgrass’ improved adaptability, resistance to insects and diseases, and durability.

John Mays of Rhyne Select says that there has good response to the field day and to EMPIRE. An appropriate level of information at the field day, plus the outdoor setting and chance to connect with people, create a beneficial event.

“EMPIRE and Rhyne Select Turf continue to build names for themselves in the industry. Quality, integrity, and service are keys to this success,” says Mays. Rhyne Select Turf, a division of Rhyne Farms, is located in Benton, Alabama. Rhyne Select specializes primarily in growing zoysisagrasses. For more information about Rhyne Select Turf and its products and services, visit rhynesselectturf.com.

EMPIRE is available from sod producers and retail nurseries throughout the south, from Virginia to Florida to California. Visit Where to Buy for purchasing and other information.

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