Zoysia Looking Like the Grass of the Future – Tom MacCubbin

Zoysia Looking Like the Grass of the Future – Tom MacCubbin

In a January article for The Orlando Sentinel, Orange County Urban Horticulturist Tom MacCubbin hints that zoysiagrass may have a big future in Florida landscapes. Mr. MacCubbin, a well respected extension agent and full professor equivalent at the University of Florida, is primarily assigned to assist Florida homeowners in the development and maintenance of home gardens, landscapes, turf and ornamentals. In this role, Mr. MacCubbin publishes extensively and also hosts a weekly lawn and garden radio show.


In his January article, Mr. MacCubbin predicts trends likely to manifest themselves in the twenty-first century. Mr. MacCubbin states, “Zoysia is looking like the grass of the future with lots of research under way at the University and turf-producer levels. Some advantages are drought resistance, new cold tolerance and a fine blade. The University of Florida is testing more than 40 new selections. New varieties available from growers include EMPIRE and EMPRESS.”


EMPIRE® Zoysia and EMPRESS® Zoysia, both recent releases of Sod Solutions, Inc., are already making an impact on the Florida landscape. With over twenty producers state-wide, both varieties will be available in large supply beginning fall 2000. These grasses, unlike other zoysiagrasses, were developed specifically to thrive in the hot humid climates of the southern US while retaining typical zoysiagrass cold hardiness.


“We believe that this acknowledgment by Mr. MacCubbin is just the beginning of an industry-wide acceptance of zoysiagrass for use within the southern US,” said Tobey Wagner, President – Sod Solutions, Inc. “In time, we feel EMPIRE Zoysia and EMPRESS Zoysia will ride the wave of this acceptance and distinguish themselves as superior selections within the zoysiagrass family.”


Keep checking our web site for updated information on future trends within the turfgrass industry and activities involving Palmetto® St. Augustine, EMPIRE Zoysia, and EMPRESS Zoysia.

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